Start with why…

Are you fascinated by the leaders who make impact in the world, companies and politicians with the capacity to inspire; Simon Sinek ( has discovered some remarkable patterns in how they think, act and communicate. Here’s how I started with why….

Have you heard people talking about being in the digital Zettabyte Era? Well, I’m part of defining and implementing what everyone is calling the 3rd platform of IT, which for me is what keeps me from sleeping all but 4 hours a night I’m so excited by it.

Have you ever thought about a Zettabyte? In 2007 we created 281 EB’s of new data. Now 1 ZB = 1,000 Exabytes which equals 1 billion terabytes. The Library of Congress has 19 Million books in it. One ZB would hold 100 million copies of all those 19 Million books. It’s been said that 5 Exabytes would be equal to all of the words ever spoken by mankind. Get this now; annual global IP traffic will reach the 1.1 zettabyte threshold by the end of 2016, and will reach 2.3 ZB per year by 2020. All that data rests on enterprise storage.

I’m part of a new little start-up you might have heard of; on August 1st it will become/became the world’s largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company which was recently created by Michael Dell and EMC. Michael placed 69 billion votes on our ability as an enterprise solutions powerhouse to bring our clients industry-leading innovation across their entire technology environment. We are the worlds #1 external storage provider, cloud infrastructure provider, converged infrastructure provider and the #1 server provider in North America.

Across our Fortune 100 clients, my role in the global professional services division is to lead client’s digital IT transformations by delivering innovation, lowering costs, creating agility, and increasing business insight. My clients realize and achieve their transformation through the use of our methodologies, tools and people.


  1. Transform infrastructure,
  2. Consolidate and migrate data centers,
  3. Realign applications,
  4. Convert a company’s IT operating model and
  5. Deliver enhanced business intelligence by emancipating a company’s big data.

I’m a Senior Program Manager and I manage huge global portfolios of projects for the new Dell EMC Technologies company.