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Bill Thomas: Expert in partner development, sales coaching and strategy

As a strategic leader at a SaaS AI software development firm, I have spearheaded the company's growth and technological innovation by identifying new market opportunities, guiding product development, and crafting investment cases that emphasize driving value. My approach integrates robust partner development strategies, including close collaborations with AWS and Ingram Micro to secure partner funding, harness advanced tools and resources, and implement joint go-to-market initiatives that expand our reach and enhance our offerings.

With a robust background in partner development, I excel at integrating new technologies supported by hyperscalers, such as AI product development, enhancing collaborative efforts and driving innovative solutions. My expertise enables the seamless merging of technology with strategic partnerships, fostering impactful advancements in program leadership.

Highly proficient in AWS programs such as MAP 2.0/Map Light, POC, MDF and Activate for Start-ups, facilitating substantial tech advancements using these financial tools for our customers and partners. Chosen and sponsored by NRECA to author an AWS Imagine Grant proposal featuring TCC.converse (my ai tool) for the 2024 cycle.

My deep engagement with AWS sales and partner teams, coupled with thorough knowledge of AWS Partner Central and Ingram Micro’s Xvantage ecosystem, has refined my ability to seamlessly integrate technology development with partner development, thereby strengthening key business alliances. My startup experience, where I leveraged distributor tools such as startup kits, the Partner Marketing Program (PMP), and Cloud Marketplace, further enriches my approach to enhancing both technological and partnership strategies.

A Quick Review of my Work

My extensive career includes channel management/recruitment, sales, and marketing, with a proven track record in developing and implementing effective cloud transformation strategies.

The Consortium Cloud

As an entrepreneur, I have an AI startup on AWS infrastructure; as a strategic leader, I've driven company growth and innovation by directing new market strategies, spearheading cutting-edge AI solutions, and forging key partnerships.

Paragon Cloud Services

As SVP of Marketing & Partner Development, led efforts to enhance our AWS Connect presence, executing campaigns and forming strong partnerships that significantly boosted sales and market reach, doubling revenue in less than 6 months.

AWS Global Non-Profit

As Senior Customer Solutions Manager, utilized my technical and business skills to drive revenue growth within programs like American Red Cross's AI hurricane response application and for organizations like United Way and Save the Children.

Dell Technologies

As Program Delivery Director, led global accounts like United Healthcare, Nike, Kaiser Permanente, and American Express doing multi-cloud transformation. Co-Managed a 4 million man-hour data center migration at AmEx, overseeing comprehensive transformations.

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